Top 5 best portable AC India 2020

Buy a portable AC India online is very easy. Keep your home temperature cool all the time. Portable ac is just what you desire for compact in size, convenient, and yes movable. So whenever you move from home so let move you ac with you also.

Benefits of portable AC

Here are the top 5 benefits when you purchase portable ac India

  1. The best thing about portable AC this product is, it’s mobility and DIY based installation.
  2. Ultra-portable and very small in size.
  3. Perfect product, where a window or split AC can’t be installed or frequent change is needed.
  4. Cooling performance is fantastic when air space less than a ton.
  5. Economical less energy consumption as compare to regular AC.

Points to keep in mind when purchasing portable ac

  1. Room size : The main point to keep in mind when purchasing portable ac its size. The BTU is British thermal unit used to calculate AC cooling per hours and how much space is covered for its cooling system. Simply, for large sized rooms, higher (or more) BTU’s is required for cooling.
  2. Noise level: keep in mind the noise level of portable ac check all the models and there noise level while purchasing.
  3. Draining system: Most of the air conditioners includes a self-evaporating system where the water condensation is recycled back into the atmosphere. Generally, the water accumulates into a tank and has to be pumped out through a hose. If not you’ve got to drain it out .
  4. Efficiency: Look for energy efficiency best portable ac which consumes less energy.

So here is the list of top 5 best portable ac India so you can beat the heat of hot summer and quickly cool your room.

which is the best portable ac in India

5 Best portable AC India 2020PriceRetailer
Blue star 1 ton portable ACRs 26,808Amazon
Lloyd 1 Ton portable ACRs 26,880Amazon
Honeywell 12,000 BTU portable ACRs 76,816Amazon
MarQ 1 Ton portable ACRs 23,999Flipkart
LG 8,000 Btu 115V portable ACRs 27,000Amazon

1. Blue star 1 ton portable AC

Image credit:Amazon

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC in India will proceed along with you whenever you go to your house without re-mounting. It does not require any installation that comes with ready to use. You would like at residence you may take pleasure in the hot summer on this portable tower ac. Comes with a price of Rs26,808.
The very best thing Concerning this AC is that it Comes with auto-climate technologies and provides the fresh air on the bases of temperature. Blue star portable AC India comes with a 5-year warranty on compressor.

key features

  • High-Efficiency Rotary Compressor is specially designed to deliver maximum cooling while using less power.
  • Hydrophilic Golden Evaporator Fins reduces the accumulation of dust and other particles, thus enhancing AC’s performance.
  • Anti-Freeze Thermostat prevents frost formation on the heat exchanger, thus, protecting the unit.
  • Anti-bacterial dust and Silver Coating.
  • Dry mode removes the moisture from the rooms.
  • Tank full alarm so you can drain it out manually.
  • Environment-Friendly Refrigerant R410A which has Zero Ozone-Depleting Substance and Polyester (POE).
  • Self-diagnosis ensures proper care and protects the AC from any damage by quick and easy diagnosis.
  • Remote controller operation control from a distance.
  • Sleep mode helps to set temperature and saves energy.

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2. Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC

Image credit:Amazon

Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC (LP12B01TP) comes with two-way swing, and 100% copper condenser prevents from corrosion. The capacity of 1 ton and easy to move from one place to another best tower ac in the market. It does not require installation ready to use, comes with a price of Rs26,880 and a 5-year warranty on compressor.

key features

  • Enjoy coolness in this summer heat with this two-way swing feature that directs the airflow in your AC horizontally by opening the air vane in the counter-clockwise direction.
  • Lloyd has built its Air Conditioners using much different new-age Air Conditioning so you may enjoy comfortable cooling and cleaner, fresher and healthier air.
  • High-Efficiency Cooling Tube cools the room less time.
  • Hydrophilic Aluminium Fins keep condenser safe from rust. This Increase Life of Condenser Coil.
  • On the restoration of power after a sudden power failure, the AC will restart automatically and will operate based on the previous setting.
  • 100% copper resistant to corrosion, has long term durability, and has a low maintenance cost.

3.Honeywell 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Image credit:Amazon

Honeywell 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner cool area up to 450 sq. Ft. comes with 3 in 1 technology all the function fully controls through the remote.

This device requires no installation, and four caster wheels provide mobility between regions. It will take less than 30 minutes to set up. It’s Incredibly quiet, durable, and gets Chilly instantly. Comes with a price of Rs76,816.

Key Features

  • comes with window venting kit and protective cover with storage pockets
  • Cools areas up to 450 sq. Ft. With dehumidification up to 70 pints per 24 hours
  • No bucket, no-drip design uses an auto-evaporation system
  • Digital LCD Screen with feather touch controls and full-function remote Controller
  • Automatic shutoff timer from 1-24 hours

4. MarQ 1 Ton Portable AC

Image credit: Flipkart

MarQ 1 white (FKAC10PFA) ton portable AC in India offers Rs 23,999 by Flipkart. The provider maintains that its Highly Efficient Rotary Compressor will give maximum cooling when drawing significantly less energy.

Suitable for room size 90 sqft, best portable ac in India boasting a multitude of manners and features, this sleekly designed AC saves you from summer’s anger. The drainage system and the portable design make sure you settle back and relax while your space chills.

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Key Features

  • The Highly Efficient Rotary Compressor is designed to deliver maximum cooling, and it permits you to save on your electricity bills.
  • Auto Restart: No need to manually reset the settings after power-cut
  • Copper: Energy efficient, best in class heating with maintenance.
  • Sleep Mode: Auto-adjusts the temperature to Guarantee comfort during your sleep

5. LG 8, 000 Btu 115V Portable Air Conditioner

Image credit: Amazon

LG’s 8,000 BTU is only one portable ac India, your great climate-control alternative. With a sleek, modern design, this portable tower ac unit is free-standing blends with almost any room decor.

Auto-swing air technology ensures you enjoy every piece of air by circulating the cold atmosphere. When you’re not there, the auto evaporation system allows for continuous usage, and with the 24-hour on/off programmable timer, you can control the temperature.

Key Features

  • 8, 000 BTU portable air conditioner with auto evaporation system.
  • Cools a room up to 200 sq. Ft. With up to 1.8 pints per hour dehumidification.
  • Top, likely air release with auto swing louvers helps eliminate hot spots.
  • Convenient LED display panel and LCD remote control.
  • Two fan speeds and two cooling speeds for flexibility.

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