Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft to serve humanity

The 64 yr old bill gates stopped engaging firm operation a decade ago move his attention foundation run by her wife Melinda,

Microsoft announced that the co-founder bill gates the board of directors to give more time to philanthropy. Bill gates served as chairman of Microsoft board early 2014,

Microsoft chief Satya Nadella said in release bill founded our company with a belief democratizing force of software and a passion to solve social challenges, Microsoft word is better for it,

Nadella said bill gates always help play the role of our technical advisor. Nadella said I am grateful for bill friendship and look forward to continuing to work alongside him.

Gates left his CEO position in 2000 and devote his time more to his charitable foundation. He began programming at age 13-year-old student and fall in love with machines.

Gates drop out from Harvard to start Microsoft with his childhood friend Allen, as the personal computer market grows Microsoft became the top software company,

Regularly top world richest person William h.gates from last decades around the world. Recently bill gates donate 37 crores to free COVID19 test kits. Know Bill moves his attention from software to fighting diseases and other humanization challenges with her wife across the globe.

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