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Bulbbul is a 2020 India original Netflix movie released on 24 June Hindi-language. Its a supernatural drama film written and directed by Anvita Dutt. Produced by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma. It’s a classic horror of 19 century Bengal presidency and a solid statement about gender inequality and the secret of reach families.

where you see a witch hanging on upside down on the tree and killing people for fun. I promised you to fall in love with this chudail and want to hug her. you will see amazing effects and cinematography with awesome background music and also gives you goosebumps at times. The climax will blow your mind and shocked you till the end.

Bulbbul movie story, and star cast

The film opens with 19 century 1881 Bengal and picks up twenty years later. The film shows the story of a five-year-old Bulbbul (Tripti Dimri) who married a rich zamindar who is much older than Bulbbul. she leaves with husband Indranil (Rahul Bose), who lives in a big haveli, with his mentally challenged twin Mahendra (Bose again), Mahendra’s wife Binodini (Dam), and younger brother of Satya (Avinash Tiwary) who closer to her age and assumes her husband. But Satya packed up for London further studies.

20 years later story starts with a man Staya returning from London after studying law. who gets the news her brother Mahendra has died mysterious circumstance. Bulbbull tells him he was killed by chudail and much mysterious death in the village. locals believed that chudail is hiding somewhere in the forest. The performance of ( Tripti Dimri as Bulbbul ) holds your breath till the end.

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Rahul Bose in the twin roles of the suspicious ‘Thakur  Indranil’, as well as Mahendra the man trapped with her mental mind, Satya as the ‘Devar’ Avinash Tiwary who is a constant companion to his as-young-as-himself lovely bhabhi, Parambrata Chattopadhyay as the ‘ Dr. Sudip babu’ who has a soft spot for the ‘ badi bahu ’. The Paoli Dam as ‘ Binodini ’ as effective as the let-down ‘choti bahu’ who wreaks damage. And as the little girl who grows into a woman, her enigmatic smile hiding the pain which she harnesses to great effect, the doe-eyed Dimri is terrific.

Star Cast and Crew

Director: Anvita Dutt

Writer: Anvita Dutt

Stars: Tripti Dimri, Rahul Bose, Avinash Tiwary | See full cast & crew »

Bulbbul Movie detail review

Director Anurag Kashyap tweeted about the film calling one of the best film he has seen in the millennium and also gives compliment to the debutant director Anvita Dutt. The movie got IMDB rating 6.7/10,

It’s a pre-independence folk tale of a ‘Chudail’ which teams up with Womanhood and the painful life of Adjustment, Torture and Tolerance behind the curtains..One of the Classiest and most Creatively designed Victorian Bengali Ambience and Set Decoration in recent times, some times gives you a feel of a Sanjay Leela Bhansali Movie,

The Art Director, the VFX Team, and the Camera team are the other pillars of the movie. The film is a visual treat and is filled with mindblowing frames. Each frame felt like a masterpiece to me. The Sets, the artwork, color tones are as perfect as it can get. The visceral red made gave the movie a fairytale frame.

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The visuals are beautiful- colors beautifully symbolize the message. A beautiful poetic story where one can feel all emotions equally from the perspective of a child as well. The movie very effortlessly touches major social malpractices and the outcomes.

Really hats off to Anushka Sharma who is the producer of this movie. I will definitely watch this movie again. I haven’t written much to make sure you watch this movie on Netflix. You won’t regret doing so. Rating would be my point of view 9/10

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