Call of Duty Mobile hits 250 million downloads, Gulag map new updates

Call of duty mobile hit 250 million downloads less than 1yr
Call of duty mobile hit 250 million downloads image credit : ACTIVISION

Call of duty mobile hit 250 million downloads less than a year worldwide. According to a mobile measurement, firm sensor tower revealed with a tweet. Since the call of duty mobile launch October 1 2019 highly popular all over the USA and India- Most of the downloads from these two regions USA and India.

According to sensor tower reports

Sensor tower highlighted in a tweet that call of duty hit 250 million downloads. This includes install of the game version on both iOS and android all over the world since its launch. According to sensor tower reports, the COVID pandemic forces the people in the homestay.

so they are spent there time more playing call of duty mobile game for long hours and help COD mobile to generate more revenue till July reach

Pubg mobile 236 million downloads and Fortnite 78 million as compared to call of duty mobile doing more better break records in its first 8 months 250 million, and immediately it’s released by ranking 150 million downloads within one month itself. And generated nearly $54 million of revenue making it the largest mobile game in history launch.

Call of duty generated 327 million USD revenue more than 78 percent as compared to Pubg mobile the same period of time players spending over the game.

If we talk about the popularity of call of duty mobile, most popular around the united state of America most 45 million downloads, and second number India and Brazil at no 3.

Game is developed by TiMi Studios and published by ACTIVISION. Available for download, free on both iOS and Android devices. with different game modes and maps. include 100 players royal battle. multiplayer 5v5 team-based combat.

Call of Duty Mobile world championship 2020 tournament featuring more than $1 million of total prizes

Call of duty mobile collaborate with Sony mobile communication and launch a world championship of 1 million USD total prizes with both cash and cosmetics. April 30 and till May 24 this year.

If you have to participate in any of the upcoming tournaments you have to 18 years old and live in an eligible region. Another major requirement player ranked veteran and higher and qualify some online qualifier, so you have the chance to play. use of desktop, external devices keyboards emulators, and controllers are prohibited.

And if you find guilty playing any of the prohibited devices. Then administrative have the right to disqualify you any of the future Call of duty Mobile tournaments.

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Call Of Duty Mobile get new Gulag map

Call of duty mobile season 7 comes with a new Gulag map game developers revealed on Reddit post upcoming features and new maps, skins, weapons, and many more updates. where you have a chance to re-deploy, new map updated at the end of June where you have to survive the intense gunfight.

Call of Duty Mobile hits 250 million downloads, Gulag map new updates
Gulag map Call of duty mobile image credit: YouTube

Gulag map is first seen in the battle royal mode war zone in call of duty Pc and consoles. It will be a prison area when the players are eliminated in Verdansk. They are through in these areas for face to face battle where both players have a chance order to win and get back in Verdansk map again.

season 7 comes with many changes that come with newly updated map Tunisia that are multiple modes that are currently running the Tunisia tussle event. The battle pass has also been updated with both free and paid versions. There are multiple new weapons new tanks, vehicles, and calling cards with many optimizations.

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