Google ban zoom for employee laptops

Alphabet Inc’s Google on Wednesday ban desktop version of zoom from corporates laptops and told its workers they can’t use the zoom on their laptops anymore but they can still use of zoom through mobile apps and browser he added.
Zoom Video Communications hire ex-former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos as an adviser as safety and privacy concerns of users about its fast-growing video-conferencing app drive a global backlash against the company.

The app, owned by Zoom Video Communications Inc, is facing a backlash because users worried about the lack and google ban zoom for its employee lack and end-to-end encryption of meeting sessions and “zoo bombing” when uninvited guests crash into meetings.
Germany and Taiwan have already put restrictions on Zoom’s uses for security concerns.

while Elon Musk’s SpaceX has also banned the app over security concerns.
The company also faces a class-action lawsuit.
due to coronavirus lockdowns usage of zoom app currently increase, zoom attracted
users with its ease interface as well free offering much corporate company and school are using the
app worldwide on daily bases for conference meetings online classes.

“Zoom has to take some important steps for users application security concerns to address security concerns, cryptographic design, and infrastructure security, and Stamos says he is looking forward to working with Zoom’s engineering teams on those projects,”

Zoom has introduced a 90-day plan here 
ex-facebook security chief Stamos, now an adjunct professor at Stanford University, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.
Stamos wrote on Twitter he would be a paid consultant for Zoom.

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How to secure Zoom? 7 Steps You Can Take To Secure It

  • keep up to date
  • Use passwords to protect your meeting–and never share your meeting ID
  • Share the password securely
  • Use waiting rooms
  • Manage participants
  • Take control of your privacy
  • Beware of phishing
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