how to download whatsapp status video 2020

The WhatsApp status video or Whatsapp story became immensely popular over the years and is widely used by people to share messages, achievements, memories, and news with friends and loved ones. whatsApp staus features automatically removed within 24 hours.

The WhatsApp application is a huge platform with over a billion users also supports video and voice phone among other attributes, the instant messaging platform is also introducing WhatsApp cover attribute to its users for in-app payments.

The WhatsApp stories attribute was originally considered as a replica of this Snapchat and Instagram stories feature that permits users to post an image, video, or GIF to the audiences for a length of 24 hours.

This feature also allows you to address a larger audience simultaneously and upgrade them about the latest happenings.

  • Go to google play store download filemanager.
  • When the app is downloaded, provide the app along with all the permissions required.
  • After the permissions have been allowed, open the settings of file manager.
  • From the settings menu, locate the’Show hidden files’ and then enable the option.
  • then visit WhatsApp folder in your device
  • Start off by viewing the status which you want to save on the WhatsApp program, this will produce a temporary copy of the app in your phone storage
  • Now navigate to the WhatsApp folder at the internal storage and start the Media folder, find the folder named as. Statuses and start it
  • To get WhatsApp status video download, long-press the video status you liked and copy it into a different destination where you need to store it
  • Copy the photographs or videos which you want to save from the folder and store it in a temporary location outside the folder for future accessibility.
  • Now you will access the Videos and Images from that folder Eternally.

here are some of the whatsapp status video

click here to download

how to save whatsapp status video

  1. Click on the status which you want to save.
  2. This will make a temporary copy of the same on the phone storage.
  3. Open your File Manager app — Documents, File Manager, Solid Explorer; etc..
  4. Enable”show hidden files”.
  5. You have to open the preferences of your file manager and set it to show hidden files. Strong Explorer users can follow this manual to enable hidden files.
  6. Navigate to the WhatsApp folder Internal storage WhatsApp Media Status.
  7. Copy the photos/videos which you want to store.
  8. Paste them into a different folder.

how to upload video on whatsapp status

  • Whats app enables its users to upload videos inside their status section of respective Whats App accounts. Actually, there are two ways to upload a video.
  • One would be to record the live event and make it a status.
  • Second one is to upload an already recorded video from your phone.
  • If someone wants to earn a status of any event then, he much visit the status section then just tap and hold the record video and release the button when done.
  • It’ll record the video live event and after that you can make it your own status.
  • Secondly, if a person wants to upload some previously recorded video than he can even upload the desired video by hitting upload button and selecting the desired video from gallery.
  • In this way one could upload the desired video and certainly will make it his status

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