How to set Marathi Keyboard on Your Android Phone 2020

If you are still stumbling on to your Keyboard that came loaded with your phone by default – Trust me, you are missing out on something big.

Fact: Research indicates that less than one percent of users switch from their default phone keyboards.

Isn’t it time to change for the better?

As we spend a quality amount of energy and time on our phones typing, we deserve to be rewarded with the best available. There are plenty of exceptional keyboard apps available on the Android Play Store that need to be tried, and I would recommend trying at least a few of the best keyboard apps to end up discovering something you relish. Once you do, start with this ultimate step by step guide to install, and use third-party keyboards apps on your Android phones.

For this walk-through, though, I will be installing the popular new entrant Marathi Keyboard With Marathi Stickers as an example, and the process of switching to any other keyboard is the same.

Installing the Marathi Keyboard from Play Store

Go to Play Store and search for Marathi Keyboard With Marathi Stickers by typing it in the search options box. Select the application page, click install and once you have downloaded your chosen Keyboard, follow the below steps to get going.

You are setting up the Keyboard as your default.

● Go to Settings on your phone.

● Scroll down and tap the System.

● Select Languages & Input 

● In the Language & input section, tap On-screen Keyboard.

● Select Manage Keyboards.

Note: These steps might slightly vary from device to device and depending on your Android OS.

● Tap the toggle next to the Marathi Keyboard just downloaded.

Note: Android will display a warning pop-up letting you know that the app has the potential to collect all the information you type, including your data like passwords and credit card numbers, making sure you trust the Keyboard before continuing.

● Click Ok.

● Open your Keyboard with any app (Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, or anything) that opens it.

● Click on the keyboard-icon present on the bottom right corner of the screen.

● Select the Marathi Keyboard With Marathi Stickers.

● Start Typing😊

That’s all it takes to get started.

Switching Keyboards

Now that you have your new Keyboard installed, you can switch between keyboards as and when required rapidly. Although the process can get distinctive depending on what device you have, it will be pretty simple, nevertheless.

● Open the app you want to type in.

● Once the Keyboard is visible, click on the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner.

● Reselect your old one or any other Keyboard you have downloaded.

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