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iPhone 12 release date which is likely to be launched September 8 this year 2020 unofficial. Equipped with A 13 bionic chipset and run on iOS 14 and first 5G smartphone of Apple iPhone series. The new iPhone 12 excepted comes with a 5.5-inch,6.1-inch and6.7-inch LCD display. And it would be cheaper iPhone of the year 2020 as per the iPhone 12 leaks and rumors.

when is iPhone 12 coming out

iPhone 12 release date, iPhone 12 rumors, and leaks that we have heard so far. we are several months away from the launch of 2020. iPhone 12 release date is a hot topic but nothing official yet when it will be launch. Apple’s recent launch of iPhone SE for 2020 show that the company still continues to introduce new products. So we believed that Apple indicating iPhone 12, 12pro, and 12 Max are scheduled to launch soon.

We always see the new flagship of the iPhone series launch in September. But due to the COVID outbreak, all the stores all over the USA are closed or operating on a limited capacity.

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iPhone 12 release date 2020 starting with a reliable leak source John Prosser he stated that there will be four models ready for the iPhone 12 launch date starting with the smallest model of the Apple iPhone 12 this is going to be a 5.4 inch.

iPhone 12 release date of this first model and all of the rest of the models. We are looking at either September the 8th 2020 or a week later on September 15th, 2020.

Iphone 12 price in India

iPhone 12 price in India slightly higher according to rumors, iPhone 12 features 5G enables smartphones will come under three color variant gold, silver, grey. According to Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will not increase the price of 5G phones this year. iPhone 12 rumored we believe that price will be 1,00,000.

what price we except iPhone 12 Global

iPhone 12 rumors suggest that pricing on the iPhone 12 price could start at $649 this year, which would be the lowest price that Apple has charged for an OLED iPhone. So iPhone 12 price could range from $649 to $1,099, with these estimates rumored.

iPhone 12 price

  1. 5.4-inch iPhone 12: $649
  2. 6.1-inch iPhone 12: $749
  3. 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro: $999
  4. 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max: $1,099

what can we expect from iPhone 12

According to John Prosser, he stated that there will be four models ready for the iPhone 12 launch date. iPhone 12, 12 Max,12 Pro, and Pro Max

iPhone lineup with the new triple-lens camera, setup of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, and 2020 may bring even more camera improvements on iPhone 12

iPhone 12 pro camera image credit: phonearena

iPhone 12 rumors suggest some of the new iPhone models coming in 2020 will feature a 3D camera, And it will be the LiDAR Scanner feature that Apple added in the 2020 iPad Pro models.

charger on iPhone 12 series

If we believe iPhone 12 leaks, all the iPhones 12 will feature a Lightning port connection, not a USB C. Apple Belleza too many accessories when iPhone plugs into users a lightning connection at the moment however they have made the move with making the other end of a charging cable supplied in the iPhone box to now be USB.

And also, a very new iPhone 12 leaks have shown that it is now a 20-watt charger and this may now be the new standard charger for both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro models instead of that rubbish 5-watt charger.2

you got with the iPhone 11 and that average 18-watt charger for the I found 11pro however again all four phones will support wireless charging straight out of the box.

It’s also worth noting at for iPhones will be ip68 so this means chucking the phone into a four-meter deep swimming pool for 30 minutes and rescuer, in theory.

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iPhone 12 series detail features

iPhone 12

Starting with the smallest model of the Apple iPhone 12 leaks. This is going to be a 5.4 inch iPhone the OLED super display with a 3D multitouch screen provided from Samsung. This LED display will feature a resolution of 2,340by 1080 which gives us 475 pixels per inch.

And it has an 8-bit colored death there have been rumors of all models having a are 120 Hertz display, unfortunately, this model and the next as you will see only has sick stickers refresh rate.

However, we have a bump up in memory as we now have 4 GB of RAM and a choice of 128 or 250 gigabytes internal storage.

iPhone 12 rumors, the body is made of aluminum to give a good quality look it also features the latest Apple a chip so the a14 bionic with 5g enabled as well. This a 14th Bionic chip may also be the evolution for the new a 14 z tip that might go into the latest Apple Mac books and IMAX.

where Apple have now declared they’re going to be making their own chips for their Mac lineup going forwards. We believe from all the rumors circulating that this will just be known as the iPhone 12. The design for this model will have changed from the iPhone X to the new 12 design.

This design will be a more flatter design which is much more in line with an iPhone 4 or 4s or more like a 5 or a first-gen SE model the iPhone and the next models.

I want to discuss or have a similar design this iPhone 12 model only has a dual-camera setup as well on the rear like an iPhone 11 and it will, of course, be shipping with iOS 14 as what was just announced.

So to be fair this is a good start and you will get the latest chip and an iPhone with 4 GB of RAM and 120-gigabyte storage standard latest iPhone 12 leaks.

iPhone 12 max

Apple has used this name before but this was the Promax and this is not the case with this iPhone here as it will not be a pro model however it will just be known as the iPhone 12 max. with this model, the screen is bigger than its smaller brother by not 0.7 inches bigger and will feature a 6.1 in OLED- display.

And this display like its smaller brother is also a super retina a LED display and is provided by a Chinese manufacturer called Bo. It has a resolution of 2530x 1170 and this gives us 460 pixels per inch.

It also has an 8-bit color depth and they will also like its smaller brother phone 4 Gb of ram and the choice of 128 or 256-gigabyte internal storage and of course with this iPhone 12 max it is powered by the new a 14 Bionic chip.

And again is in an aluminum body and will have Phi G built right in four cameras on the rear like again its smaller brother it will have that dual setup similar to the iPhone 12 the base model with the four gigabytes of RAM and 120-gigabyte storage is looking like this iPhone 12 will cost around about 749 US dollars so those are all the normal iPhone 12models the next few models are the pro

iPhone 12 pro

iPhone 12 pro this entry Pro model also features a 6.1-inch screen just like the iPhone 12 max instead of a 5 inch like on the iPhone 11 pro entry model. But the screen display on this pro far better it has a super Retina display with promotion and a 10-bit color depth instead of 8-bit.

The display is supplied from Samsung and it’s got a resolution of 2532 by 1170 which gives us 460 pixels per inch and of course as this is a pro model. It will feature a 120 hurt refresh rate display for memory size of RAM this 12 pro comes with 6 gigabytes also as a choice of 128and 256 or even 512 gigabytes internal storage.

Again it has that Apple a 14 Bionic and 5g the design will be very similar to the iPhone 11 normal model however it is made from a stainless steel body this time we will get a triple-lens camera setup on the back just like an iPhone 11 pro.

However, there is a conflict of iPhone 12 rumors will we get an additional lidar sensor that features on the new iPad pro recently.

At WWDC 2020 not much was spoken about the camera features or options this means that we may hear more at the iPhone 12 launch but there again Apple could be just happy with the current camera setup on the iPhones and wants to keep the lidar sensor only for the iPad pro. But if we believe in iPhone 12 rumors and leaks come with lidar sensor sure.

iPhone 12 pro Max

iPhone 12 pro max features a 6.7-inch OLED-2 display again it’s a super retina with 10-bit color depth and again it will be provided by Samsung. It has a resolution of 2782 by 1280 and that gives us a whopping 458 pixels per inch and again because it’s a pro it has that 120 Hertz refresh rate display.

It also comes with 6GB of RAM like it’s smaller pro brother and again comes with those choices of 128, 256, or 512-gigabyte internal storage. The body again like its smaller bro Brava has stainless steel and in size.

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we have that a 14 Bionic with 5g just like the iPhone 12 pro normal. we will get a triple-lens camera set up on the rear and again that lidar sensor we’re not too sure about it at this stage if it will be included on this handset.

So we are thinking the iPhone 12 release date we are looking at either September the 8th or week later on September the 15th 2020 and this falls in line with previous iPhone releases well guys that is the latest and greatest we have on iPhone 12 we have at these time.

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  • Hey there, This was very informative article with beautiful content, I
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