Microsoft Edge Reveals New Features to Beat Chrome

Microsoft Edge is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. Microsoft has developed this web browser. The market share of Google Chrome is 70%. After Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge is the world’s most popular web browser because its market share is 7.9%.

The popularity of this web browser is increasing day by day. Its reason is that it is providing lots of features to the users.

Moreover, it is the default browser in Windows. Microsoft Edge has also revealed some new features. These features are revealed to beat Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge has recently achieved number two ranking in the field of web browsers as we have discussed earlier that its market share is just 7.9%. On the other hand, the market share of its opponent is 70%.

If Microsoft Edge wants to compete with Google Chrome, it has to work hard. It has to offer lots of features to the users. Microsoft Edge is working on it. To beat Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge has introduced new dark mode on the web pages.

This essential feature of Microsoft Edge will allow the users to enable dark mode on all the web pages. The users can also enable the dark mode on those web pages that are not supporting it. This essential feature of Microsoft Edge is allowing the users to give preference to Microsoft Edge over Google Chrome. 

Google Chrome is also offering a similar feature to its users.

According to tech experts of a dissertation help firm, Microsoft Edge is offering unique features in the dark mode. It is the best feature for those people who want to use Microsoft Edge for evening surfing. By using this essential feature of Microsoft Edge, users can change the background colour of the website.

They can also change the colour of the text and other elements on the website. The most important aspect of this essential feature of Microsoft Edge is that it is forcefully enabling this feature. The people who want to surf the internet during the night hours can easily surf the internet with less strain on the eyes.

How To Enable Forced Dark Mode On The Microsoft Edge?

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If you want to use forced dark mode on the Microsoft Edge, you will have to enable it. To enable it on the Microsoft Edge, you will have to type edge://flags/#enable-force-dark in the search bar of the Microsoft Edge. When you type it in the search bar of the Microsoft Edge, it will show an option ‘Force Dark Mode for Web Contents’. When this option appears, you will have to enable Force Dark Mode.

After enabling it, you will have to restart Microsoft Edge. Once, Microsoft Edge is restarted, forced dark mode on the Microsoft Edge will be enabled.

After enabling the forced dark mode on Microsoft Edge, when you visit any website, it will alter the colour scheme of the website. It means that you will see the dark mode on all the webpages. Before enabling forced dark mode on Microsoft Edge, you should understand that it will show different effects.

Sometimes, it will enable dark mode on all the elements on the web pages. On the other hand, sometimes, it leaves some essential elements of the web pages. Anyhow, it doesn’t last any impact on the colouring scheme of the images.

As colouring scheme of the images is remained unchanged, that’s why it can’t alter some essential elements of some websites. As these features of the dark mode are not available on the Google Chrome, therefore, lots of people can transfer from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge.

Install Themes From The Google Web Store

As Google Chrome is offering lots of features for the website developers. Similarly, Microsoft Edge has also decided to provide some essential features for the website developers. For this reason, Microsoft Edge has revealed a new update.

In this new update, Microsoft Edge has announced some new features for the developers. The most important feature is that Microsoft Edge has made it possible for the developers to install themes from the Google Web Store. Along with this essential feature, Microsoft Edge has also introduced a flag for the users.

By using this essential feature of Microsoft Edge, users can navigate a webpage backwards or forward by using the backspace key.

It has also introduced a new feature for the privacy of the users. Now, users can disable suggestions from history. They can utilize this feature while searching for anything in the address bar. It has also introduced a new management policy.

By using this management policy, users can easily save cookies while closing Microsoft Edge. They have also provided some permissions to the virtual and augmented reality websites. Now, they can use a link between the password settings page and password monitoring settings page.

New Features In The Edge Beta Channel

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Microsoft Edge has also revealed some new features in the Edge Beta channel to beat Google Chrome. These new features are relevant to the synchronization of the favourites and settings.

By using these essential features, you can perform lots of activities without using cloud synchronization. Along with this feature, Microsoft has also introduced some unique functions for the users. In these functions, there come Storage Access API and Storage highlighter tool etc.

It is also offering some unique features for the developers to protect the data. It has also revealed features in the reading function of PDF files.

After the introduction of these unique functions, we can say that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are going head to head. Most of the people have lots of concerns about the security and privacy features of Google Chrome. Google Chrome has started to resolve this problem.

Google Chrome has introduced new privacy and security features. Along with Google Chrome, other browsers are also offering the same features. If users can get similar or more features on other web browsers, they will ignore Google Chrome.

If Microsoft Edge gets success in providing the best features to the users, it will get an edge over Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is the default browser on the Windows and users have to download Google Chrome. If Microsoft Edge will provide more features to the users, users don’t need to install Google Chrome.

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  • Appreciate the info you covered in your article. Let's see what else MS edge can do to compete with Google chrome

  • This is totally true. So how exactly can most users especially laptop users be more informed of the existence of Microsoft Edge? Most people talk about Bing (Yahoo) but hardly do you ever hear about Microsoft Edge. I like the features and I know a lot of people in the world would as well especially the dark mode. Im 100% sure this will be the next big thing but in order to beat Chrome, they must be able to inform users on such users. Isn't that true?