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USU Library is a great resource as you prepare to study abroad. Situated location Utah State UniversityLogan, Utah. Established in 2005 country united state of America

USU Library study room, As a statewide campus for the online student, you have access to all the same great library resources that students have in Logan,
As USU students, you will likely be assigned Research projects where you’ll need to find reliable information. And, as you may have already found by searching Google, many scholarly journals and magazine articles are not freely available online, but by searching through USU library databases, you can get past those paywalls.

And access millions of great resources that you otherwise would not have access to. Another cool thing about the USU library is that if you find an article that for some reason the library doesn’t have access to it, and you can request it through interlibrary loan.

USU library hours


All you need to do to find these sources is to log into the library website with you’re a-number and banner password. Click here to access home page Once you’ve successfully logged in, you can view articles from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Using usu library databases is a great place to research your papers because not only do they include peer-reviewed articles, which are written and reviewed by experts in the field, but you can also find current magazines,
newspapers, and encyclopedia entries, which Are great for background information.

On top of this, usu library databases also work well with citation managers such as Zotero and Endnote, so if that’s something you’re interested

Another resource you will probably need throughout Your time at USU books. USU library has an extensive collection of eBooks that you can access by logging in with your a-number and password. You can then search for them in the library catalogue on our website at

If the book isn’t available electronically or you prefer physical books, the Merrill-Cazier Library on the Logan campus can send you books from physical collection to your home, free of charge, along with a prepaid return label.

All you need to do to request a book is to log in to our interlibrary loan system and make sure you select “Distance Ed.” as your campus location.

I know that research assignment can be stressful and it can be overwhelming to try to locate relevant information but as USU students,
you have access to many resources that will help make this process a lot easier, including beautiful librarians! At USU library have 27research librarians, with each specializing in a specific discipline ranging from economics To music to psychology.

No matter what your major, there’s a librarian who has ample experience in your subject, type in your major, or subject under “Meet with a Librarian.” to find the librarian best suited to help.
you! Also, another thing to remember is that on the lower left-hand side of each of your canvas

Courses are a research help tab. This links to a guide filled with helpful research tips specific to that class, and it will also provide
the contact information for your class’s.

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The personal librarian who you can set up an appointment
with to get help. If you need quick live assistance from a librarian
you can always use our chat box which you Can you find it on the library homepage? where you
can get help finding and evaluating information sources, integrating library resources into your paper, and a lot more!

usu library reservation

Room 113 VR and 108 Video Studio demand additional items to be checkout from circulation. The Room is spacious. RESV — Room was reserved. Each individual may make two reservations every day, for a total of 2 hours each day, for up to 2 days in advance.

Every room has a whiteboard. Our booking system displays the name of the pupil reserving time for each reservation, the place, date, and the Room. This information can be seen by anyone. Please ask the other member of your group, if you prefer not to make this information public. Click here for reservation

Covid-19 Library Service Changes

Merrill-Cazier Library is open, but some places are closed and solutions are changed to promote public safety. Learn about the best way to get collections and get research help and library instruction service online. Please check this page for updates on library services.

usu eastern library price, fees for overdue items

Overdue Fine TypeAmount
Standard Items$0.25 per day
Recalled Items$1.00 per day
iPads$25.00 after the first day overdue; patron is then billed for replacement costs after five days overdue
Reference books, Interlibrary Loan items, Music CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs$1.00 per day
Three-Hour checkout items$6.00 for first hour; $1.00 per additional hour

You will be notified of overdue items via email. There is no grace period for overdue items.

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