Zoom security Top 3 issues

Zoom security Top 3 issues

Zoom security issues drama at the moment when Coronavirus breaks down. Around the world and people are working from homes. We’re going to be talking about the main issues that are currently happening. And also short listening to a few of the best zoom alternatives out there for you guys.

you know especially with the zoom boom that’s happening right now. This dramatic increase in zoom users is so important more than ever for them to focus. On it apparently zoom in the last will since December they had 10 million daily active users. Now they have 200 million daily active users.

Zoom has battled with issues before getting an apple block for their issues with their Mac application. Due to some of the user interaction access that it wanted so, they haven’t been brand new to security issues. But at the same time, for example, the UK government Using it as their main port of call and even showcasing their zoom ID. It can be quite worrying because there are that security and access so let’s go through some of the issues.

Top 3 issues zoom facing

  • Zoom call: Every zoom call ID which is nine to eleven digits long. Essentially what people are doing is they’re randomly generating these zoom IDs. Just through guessing a bunch of numbers between nine and eleven. And naturally joining and broadcasting inappropriate stuff on these zoom calls. Even in some cases people have heard them just listening to these calls. Which is terrifying to imagine just having a third person pop up. And listening into your call and not being able to necessarily get rid of them so naturally. People are concerned especially if you’ve got large group calls, I’ve seen this happening with universities schools churches political conferences. And even you know there’s is that threat of it even happening with weddings now that they’re remote. Zoom ID has been an issue and most predominant issue it’s been called zoom bombing. When you’ve got someone that’s coming to a called. It’s not meant to be there so that’s pretty scary
  • zoom targeted ads: zoom targeted ads and this is probably something that started it zoom was quietly sending data to Facebook about users. Zoom habit seven when that user doesn’t have a Facebook account and this happened with the iOS application notifying Facebook. When they had opened the application regarding things like the device model phone carrier and also they out they opened and more so that’s pretty scary itself and naturally something that you don’t want to be sharing information like that.
  • End-to-End Security: issue you’ll probably like three things end-to-end security pointed out that in the top left-hand corner of the app. They have some indication that they are end-to-end secure and even had on their website about end-to-end security issues and a zoom. Spokesperson and stated that it is not possible to enable to encryption for zoom video meetings and that’s a bit of miss statement a bit of miss marketing because they’re selling a future that you believe to be existing when it’s not existing so as you can imagine you know not something that you know provides trust in you every day.
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